What immediately struck me when I first visited the Juan and Paloma Garrido atelier was a surprising contrast between old and new, between the antique and the thoroughly modern. The intimate, family-run workshop was scattered with a wide array of traditional hand tools, appearing more like an eighteenth-century survey of silversmithing tools by Diderot than a contemporary studio. It was apparent to me that the personal relationships between the material, the tools and those wielding them were steeped in history, a rare and vanishing tradition. Preserving the art of silversmithing is a family legacy for the Garridos, begun by Damián fifty years ago and carried on today by his two children, Juan and Paloma. The result of their dedicated approach is not only a product of the highest level of quality but also one of innovation and modernity. Building upon the history their father left them, Juan and Paloma approach their designs with an avant-garde sensibility. While their works employ the geometry and angularity of Cubism, a rational clarity radiates from the smooth, unadorned surfaces, forming a study in volume and line.

One of the most innovative ateliers working in silver today, Juan and Paloma Garrido uses dying techniques to form intensely modern designs that strike a harmonious balance between history and innovation, line and curve, solid and void. Each design thoroughly appeals to my own sense of balance, my appreciation for historical techniques and designs in conjunction with my pursuit of things unique and innovative. In the end, it is the timeless beauty of each piece that marks their success.

Barry Friedman
[Barry Friedman Ltd., New York]

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